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Creative Writing - From Life Experiences  



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Code: CWXWN0818P 

Starting: Thursday, 24 January 2019 

Location: Wensum Lodge  

Duration: 10 sessions over 10 week(s)

Time: 13:00 

Cost: £44.00/£110.00  


So many of us are bursting with memories and experiences that would bring a novel to life, or which would make a great memoir or autobiography. Everyone has a story to tell. This course will help you to tell your story through the genre of your choice, whether you want to share something of yourself with your family, or to relive a happy or exciting time of your life, or you want the writing to be therapeutic, to help you to deal with past issues. Writing From Your Life Experience will help you to decide both what you want to write about, and how you want to write it, using your memories to bring fictional characters to life.

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Time and duration

Start Date: 24 January 2019
Start Time: 13:00
Day: Thursday Afternoon
First Lesson Duration: 02:00
Total Weeks: 10


Wensum Lodge  
169 King Street  


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