English For Speakers Of Other Languages

Course Code: ESXET2118Z

Programme: Course

Merchant's Place Cromer
Cromer Past Present&Future Ltd
16 Church Street
NR27 9ES

Start Date: 14/01/2019
End Date: 15/07/2019
Day of first lesson: Monday
Total length of course: 22 Sessions
Start time of first lesson: 09:30

Directions to venue

Follow the one way system - Church Street is the main Road through the center of Cromer, Merchants Place is on the left.

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If you have any special access requirements, please check the venue information and tell us before you enrol so that we can make sure the venue is suitable.

If you require this information in large print, audio, Braille, alternative format or in a different language, please contact us and we will do our best to help.

How to contact us: Telephone: 0344 800 8020, Textphone: 0344 800 8011, fax: 0344 800 8012 or email: information@norfolk.gov.uk

Course Description

This course is designed for speakers of other languages who would like to improve their English speaking and listening, reading and writing skills. Many people find that having an ESOL qualification improves their employment prospects. It also helps them integrate into the local community. The course runs for 3 hours a week for 22 weeks. Your tutor will prepare resources that are relevant to you and your life in the UK. This qualification will be offered as separate course units over 2 blocks. If you have already completed an Entry Level Speaking and Listening qualification, you will work towards completing the full award by taking the Reading and Writing elements.

What can I study next?

The next level ESOL Speaking and Listening, Reading and Writing. Learners can progress to GCSE English after achieving Level 2 ESOL.

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How to apply


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What will I learn?

The qualification will be offered as 3 separate units over the year. If you have already completed an Entry Level Speaking and Listening qualification, you will work towards completing the full award by taking the Reading and Writing elements by the end of the year.

Is this course right for me?

This course is appropriate for speakers of other languages. Since this is a mixed level course, we will discuss your current level with you at your initial assessment before the course starts. Your tutor will then agree some personal targets with you, monitor your progress regularly and give you feedback.

The course in Cromer runs from September for 3 hours a week for 13 weeks, followed in January by a 22-week course . Although there is an element of group work, you will be also working individually to improve your skills at your own level. Your tutor will prepare resources that are relevant to you and your life in the UK.

What do I need to bring?

Pen and paper

Where can I get additional support?

We may be able to assist you with: course fees, childcare costs, materials and resources, travel costs etc.

further advice or guidance about courses or career opportunities

specific learning, access or disability needs that might affect your learning

To speak to a member of our Learner Services Team with regards to any of the above please call 01603 306551 or email: learner.services@norfolk.gov.uk

How much does this course cost?

All of the fees we charge are based on the level of government subsidy we get for you as a learner. We get these subsidies from the Education & Skills Funding Agency, a central government agency that is responsible for funding schools as well as adult learning. The level of subsidy we get is based on a combination of the type and the level of course that it is and your personal situation (how long you have lived in the EU for, your age and employment status, etc.). Some courses are fully subsidised so you do not have to pay anything, others are partly subsidised and some have no government subsidy whatsoever so are funded entirely from your course fees.

Don't worry if you are in any doubt as to how much you will need to pay as we will invite you to an information session before the course begins. At this session we will discuss all aspects of the course with you including fees.

What qualification will I receive?

A City and Guilds ESOL qualification in Speaking and Listening with additional opportunities to gain Reading and Writing depending on your progress.